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Access Control in Edmentum Courseware


Access Control allows Account Administrator's to control when Learners have access to Edmentum Courseware based on the individual Program they are in, the day of the week, and the time of day. If the Access Control feature is turned off, Learners have access to Edmentum Courseware at any time. Access Control can only be turned on or off for a program, not for individual Learners within a class or location. Students will still be able to log in and review notes, they just won’t be able to launch any of their assignments.

Access Control operates based on the time zone setting for the account. By default, Edmentum Courseware is configured for Pacific Standard Time (PST). When using the Access Control feature, ensure the correct time zone is configured for your account. This setting is available in the learner control settings in the admin center.

How To

Managing Access Control Settings

  1. Click Admin Center >Settings.
  2. Click Access Control.
  3. READ before turning Access Control ON:



Access Control.PNG



Other Considerations

Prevent individual Learners from accessing Edmentum Courseware

If Access Control is turned off, all Learners have access to Edmentum Courseware at any time. To restrict a single or multiple Learner(s) from accessing PEdmentum Courseware, there are a few options:

Lock activities in an assignment

Educators can lock any learning activity (posttest, end of semester test, etc.) or container (course, unit, module, etc.) in an assignment for one or more Learners to make available at a later time, by unlocking it using the same steps. Locking an activity does not affect any Mastery status, score, number of tries, or time on task already earned by Learners who have Edmentum Courseware the activity or container. See the link below for more information on locking activities:

Lock/Unlock activities

Reset Learner's password

Educators can reset a Learner's password to prohibit them from logging into Edmentum Courseware. This can be done for individual Learners, multiple Learners or an entire class. This could be used as a temporary solution, but may not be ideal in certain situations. Learners will need to be given their new password the next time they need to log in. See the link below for more information on resetting passwords:

Resetting Passwords

Monitor Learner Daily Usage reports

These reports monitor the activity of individual Learners or in an entire class as they log in and out of Edmentum Courseware and work through assignments each day. Educators can run these reports to monitor Learner's activity at home. See the link below for more information on this report:

Learner Daily Usage Report



How to get more help

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