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Setting Password Requirements

What to Expect

  • An Opt-in feature controlled by the Account Administrator.
  • Easily create password requirements to match district requirements. 
  • Options include password settings for length, required characters, password expiration, and the number of attempts before lock out. 
  • Prevents the use of a common password and password reuse.
  • These rules are designed to increase password security and can be configured below. This policy applies to all educator and admin accounts.
  • Districts integrating with Clever or Classlink will not have this option as their passwords are managed through Third-Party Rostering. 

Enabling Password Requirement Settings

  • Select Administration Center in the black bar at the top
  • Hover over the "Settings" option and select "Application"
  • Under "Password Requirement Settings" select the check box for "Enable Password Requirements"
  • Select Save Changes

*Note: This setting only affects educator roles, not student roles.

Adjusting Educator Password Settings

  • Select Administration Center
  • Hover over "Users" and select "Educator Password Settings"
    *Note: You must enable Password Requirement Settings before you will be able to locate this option.
  • Require a password length
  • Require a specific type of characters
  • Set the password to expire after a certain number of days
  • Set a certain number of password attempts
    *Note: This setting only locks the Educator out for 30 minutes and then they can attempt the same number of attempts you've set this setting to.
  • Prevent reuse of a common password. 
  • Block Common Passwords or phrases.
  • You can also force the reset immediately, which will require educators to meet the requirements you set the next time they log in.


Next Steps

When educators login they will receive a prompt to adjust their login to fit these requirements. 

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