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Collaboration Tool

As part of our commitment to providing the highest curriculum and assessments to schools and districts we regularly review or programs, features, and functionality to ensure alignment with educator and student needs. We strongly believe in the quality of our programs, and our development efforts are laser focused on ensuring that you receive the best experience possible. Sometimes, this leads us to making difficult decisions in the interest of evolving technologies and district needs.

As a part of this process, we will be retiring the Collaboration feature available in Edmentum programs later this summer. Effective July 27, 2020 Collaboration will no longer be accessible.


This knowledge article will outline the Collaboration Tool feature and step-by-step instructions on how to utilize it.



The Collaboration Tool is a communication and instructor tool available for both teachers and students. The Collaboration Tool does not require any downloads or installations. It contains chat, whiteboard, document sharing and video sharing. It is also mobile friendly and can be used with tablet or mobile devices.

In Sensei, there will be Collaboration Alerts along with a Collaboration tab. Instructors can view current, future and expired collaborations. Students will also have this visibility in the learner app.


The Collaboration tool is available for Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessment customers.

How To

What students will see

1. Click the Collaboration icon in the upper right
2. Click the Scheduled tab to view a list of current or future Collaborations
3. Click the Details to view additional notes, the date and time ranges & the creator of the Collaboration
4. Click Launch to open up and join the Collaboration
5. View the Whiteboard on the center screen
6. View the Chat Box to the right where you can see and contribute to ongoing discussions.
*NOTE* Student communication in the chat box can only occur while an instructor is present in the Collaboration if it has been locked

For more information, see the Collaboration Tools User Guide for students.

What instructors will see

1. Click the Sensei button at the top of the app-switcher bar
2. Select Collaboration to the right
3. Click View to see scheduled/expired Collaborations
4. Select Sort By to filter them by start/end date
5. Click Create Collaboration & fill in a Title, Start and End Date along with supplemental notes to students
6. Click + Add Members button to invite users into the Collaboration & hit Save and Close

For more information, see the Collaboration Tools User Guide for instructors.


Other Considerations

During the Collaboration creation process, educators to choose to lock the chat when no educators are present in order to give teachers the ability to more closely monitor the interactions.

Educators can add multiple groups into a Collaboration.
Note: Adding learners via Groups has a limit of 100 students at a time & there is a limit of 245 total learners in any Collaboration.

You cannot delete collaborations but you can remove every user but yourself and expire the end date.
Multiple Collaborations can be launched at once and will open in separate tabs.

The presenter must be present in the Collaboration to make any changes to the Whiteboard.
Spellcheck is automatically included when used with the Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

Instructors can mute all or individual learners within the Collaboration.
Includes Equation editor with the ability to edit font size.


Youtube and Vimeo videos allowed (Khan academy videos can be added via youtube).
Playlist allows you to quickly add videos


Q.Any additional requirements to what PLATO already requires?
A. No additional requirements, but support of IE9 and iOS7 were agreed upon by PdM to be not supported for this release of Collaboration. Thus we support the following:

i. iOS8 and up
ii. IE10 and up
iii. Chrome
iv. Firefox

QWhat are the Technical/System requirements?
A. A low latency/high bandwidth network is suggested for the best experience, as this is a “real time” application

Q. Is there a limit to the number of sessions one person can be invited to join?
A. No, there is no limit to the number of sessions they can be  apart of. However, we do not recommend having more than 5 open at one time.

If there are multiple instructors attending a collaboration, can any of them use the chat/whiteboard feature?
Educators are all owners, which means they can manage the space, as well as mute, unmute, designate a presenter on the whiteboard, add videos and documents.

Q. Will YouTube work within collaboration if a school has YouTube blocked?
No, this will not work if they have blocked YouTube.

Q. When a learner is muted will that notification go to everyone present in the collaboration or just educators and that one learner?
Everyone in the collaboration will see that the learner is muted.


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