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Creating Announcements in Plato Courseware and Edmentum Sensei


1. The Announcements can be accessed by logging into Edmentum Sensei and selecting the "Communications" feature located towards the top of the screen.

2. Next select the "New Announcement" button.


3. From the "Create New Announcement" pop-up window select the users' roles (Account Administrators, Program Administrators, Instructors, or Learners).

4. Next specify the receipts' Programs.

5. Then create a Title for the Announcement. (The title is similar to the "Subject" line in an email).

6. Next enter the Announcement's message to the recipients. 

7. Clicking the "Send" button will finalize and deliver the announcement.



What are the benefits of this feature?

Announcements appear on the home page, and they provide all users with quick updates about Plato Courseware activities.


Who is affected by the Edmentum Sensei "Communications" update?

Schools utilizing the Plato Courseware platform will have their Announcements moved and consolidated under the new “Communications” feature in Edmentum Sensei creating a more streamline experience when collaborating with instructors and students during the 2015 Summer Release.

Schools that are utilizing the PLE platform will be unaffected by the Edmentum Sesnsei "Communications" update during the 2015 Summer Release. 


How to prepare for the Edmentum Sensei "Communications" update.

All current announcements are being removed from the schools' accounts. If a school wants to transfer their current announcements to the new "Communications" feature, the Account Administrators will need to backup their current announcements by utilizing a word processing program. Once the new "Communications" feature has been implemented the school can duplicate their previous announcements by copying and pasting the information from their word processing program into their new announcement located under the "Communications" page. 


Below are a few recommended word processing programs:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • OpenOffice Calc
  • Google Docs
  • Notepad (Windows)
  • Textedit (Mac)
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