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Deactivating/Reactivating Sections in Courseware


Often times, schools need to archive prior school-year data so educators can get to current-year data quickly and easily. To clean-up active classes in Courseware, we recommend deactivating the classes. Deactivating a class removes this from the student's view and also places the class data in an inactive section away from an Instructors current section. 

How to Deactivate a Section

  1. Go to Courseware and select your program
  2. Select 'Manage Courses'
  3. Select the down-arrow next to each course to reveal the classes
  4. Check the boxes of all classes you'd like to deactivate
  5. Select 'Deactivate Section' in the banner that populates at the bottom of the screen. 



For classes that are retired, you will be able to locate reports and curriculum for the previous class, but you will not have the ability to reactivate the section. 

Deactivating classes can be completed by the Account or Program Administrator. 

You can always access the deactivated sections by navigating through the following steps.

Navigate to Manage Courses Select 'Inactive Sections'


Once you deactivate a section you should receive the following prompt: 
"Student data will be saved, and sections of active courses can be reactivated at any time. If a course is retired, archived, unprovisioned, or removed from the catalog, sections cannot be reactivated. When a section is deactivated, students will not have access to course activities."


How to Reactivate a Section

  1. Go to Courseware and select your program
  2. Select 'Manage Courses'
  3. Select the Inactive Sections Tab
  4. Find the Course and Section you want to Reactivate
  5. Click the gear icon to the far right labeled Section Settings
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Reactivate Section (in green)





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