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Personalize your Courseware account in Account Settings


Account Administrators can personalize the following options in the PLATO Courseware account:

  • Learner Controls
    • Messaging
    • Notebooks
    • View Assignment Grades
  • Family Controls
  • Instructor Controls
  • Time Zone


  1. Log into Plato Courseware and select the Administration Center option in the black navigation bar.
  2. Select Settings and then from the drop down menu select 'Application'
  3. At the Account Settings page, click a button at the top to personalize:
  • Learner Controls:
    • Messaging: This will provide students the ability to message their Administrators and Instructors. 
      Messages can be seen by all users for the selected role(s) in the Plato Courseware account.
    • Notebooks: This will give students access to a notepad on their landing page. Students generally utilize this feature to keep up with notes, deadlines, and reminders. 
      Please see the screenshot below for a visualization of what the Messaging and Notebooks will look like on a student's acount:

    • View Assignment Grades: This feature will allow students to track their "Current Grade" in their assignment. Their Current Grade is a snap shot of how well the student is currently performing in their assignment. This grade is based on the weight provided in the assignment's Grade Tracker Page. ​​​​​​
      Please see the screenshot below for a visualization of what the Current Grade will look like in a student's account:

  • Family Controls: Enabling this setting allows administrators to invite student contacts to Edmentum Sensei for Families. Once registered, student contacts gain access to the learning results of associated learner(s). Disabling this setting restricts administrators from sending Sensei for Families invitations and prohibits registered student contacts from accessing student results. 
  • Instructor Controls: When checked, allows teachers to create classes in Course Programs. Teachers will have the ability to create classes in all programs in which they have membership. 
  • Time Zone: The default time zone for Plato Courseware accounts is Central Standard Time (CST). Changing the time zone will take effect immediately; however, the new time zone will not be displayed in the Plato Courseware account for up to 24 hours. All times on reports will now reflect the new local time zone as well.
  • Reporting Controls: When Checking the 'Enable Contact Hours Data Collection' checkbox the students will be asked if they are in class when signing into their accounts. When reviewing certain reports the data will be sorted into appropriate sections (Time On Task in class vs. outside of class.)
  • Password Requirements SettingPassword requirements for administrators and instructors are set in the Users > Password Settings page. Select this option to enable custom password requirements. View more on this setting here: