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Technology-Enhanced Item types

The Common Core’s Mission is to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. Edmentum Test Packs now include brand-new PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessment-aligned item types designed to promote higher-order thinking and inquiry. Based on the design employed by these new Common Core assessments, new questions are created using the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) guidelines, ensuring that each of the questions is written to the appropriate DOK level and that students are exposed to the appropriate content.

New Item Types

The technology enhanced item types are not only for the Common Core Test Packs, but also for the new GED® Test Packs as well.
The technology enhanced items are:
  • Constructed Response – Learners construct a short essay response to a question. This item is instructor graded.
  • Multiple Response — Learners can select more than one answer to a multiple choice question.
  • Cloze — Learners choose a response from a dropdown menu to fill in a blank in a sentence or an equation.
  • Hot Text — Learners choose the correct answer from several identified choices within a paragraph.
  • Matched Pairs — Learners match a text with its corresponding pair.
  • Hot Spot — Learners identify a location in an image that represents the correct answer.
  • Graphical Gap Match — Learners drag images to blank spaces in an image to answer a question.
  • Fill in the Blank — Learners enter an alphanumeric response in an open box in the item.
  • Sequence — Learners click on an image and move it to the correct location on the screen, in sequence, to create the correct overall answer. ​
  • Drawing
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Multi-part
  • Number Line

What are the benefits of Technology Enhanced Items?

The new Common Core Test Packs that include technology enhanced items and questions written using the DOK guidelines will be added without additional cost to current Common Core Test Pack customers. Common Core Test Packs include three comparable assessments and allow educators to easily evaluate student progress over time.

For more information about Test Packs, please see How to create and manage Test Packs.