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Year-end clean up in PLATO Courseware


Often times, schools need to archive prior school-year data so educators can get to current-year data quickly and easily. To clean-up active classes in PLATO Courseware, we recommend deactivating the classes which deactivates their corresponding assignments and reports. While deactivating classes doesn’t completely remove the class from the view, it does offer the ability to filter the view to only see courses with active classes" by deselecting "Courses with inactive classes".

Deactivating classes is done by the Account or Program Administrator. To easily access progress data, a best practice is to generate and save Learner Progress Reports before deactivating a class. Then deactivate class(es) from the Courses page. If reports are not generated before they are deactivated, classes can easily be reactivated to generate reports.

How To

How to deactivate a Class

  1. Click the Courses tab and go to Course Catalog at the top of the Plato Courseware home page.
  2. Locate the course name and select it.
  3. Click the radio button next to the Class Name.
  4. Select Actions> Deactivate Class(es)

Note: Follow the same steps to reactivate.


Refer to Deactivating Classes for more information.


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