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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses


This article explains Advanced Placement (AP) courses and their status as certified courses by the College Board.


The College Board operates the Advanced Placement (AP) program, which may enable high school Students to skip lower level college courses or even get college credit for high school work. You can learn more about the AP program at AP Central.

Are Edmentum courses AP certified?

The College Board has taken care to assure colleges that students who participate in courses using the AP name and score well on the AP tests have done work and have attained a level of understanding comparable to what they would experience through a course on the college's own campus.

Beyond ensuring that the AP test is rigorous, the College Board has taken pains to ensure that K-12 schools that include "AP" in the names of their courses are offering college-level depth and breadth. To that end, the AP Course Audit process is now required for teachers in school districts wishing to use the "AP" label in their course names.

What this means to you

The AP Course Audit process approves plans for a specific teacher teaching a course in a specific way. Edmentum does not compete with schools by providing both the teacher and the curriculum and is not considered an "Alternate Provider" of AP coursework as defined by the College Board. Instead, we empower schools and teachers to serve their own students. School districts wishing to undergo the AP Course Audit process should apply through their teachers.

This process starts at the College Board's AP Course Audit Teacher Page. Once a teacher’s syllabus has been approved by the College Board, it is assigned a number; other teachers may simply submit that syllabus number in their AP Course Audit process. To help schools in this process:

  • Edmentum will provide a syllabus for each AP edition course, suitable for submission to the AP Course Audit. Each syllabus is located on their respective course page when previewing the course in the program.

As approved syllabi become available in school districts, Edmentum will publish them (and their approval numbers) for re-use by other teachers and districts. Here are the 2017 -2018 approval #'s:

  • AP Biology: Syllabus # 1894388v1
  • AP Calculus: Syllabus # 1894389v1
  • AP Chemistry: Syllabus # 1894390v1
  • AP Computer Science: Syllabus # 1894391v1 
  • AP English Literature and Composition: Syllabus # 1894392v1
  • AP French Language & Culture: Syllabus # 1894393v1
  • AP Spanish Language & Culture: Syllabus # 1894394v1
  • AP United States History: Syllabus Syllabus # 1894395v1


The AP Course Audit process is designed primarily for face-to-face classroom implementations. There is some room for variation for online courses, but even those variations are tailored to the typical online course, which is based on a textbook and supplemented primarily with online threaded discussions.

For more information, refer to the Curricular/Resource Requirements section for each AP Course, found on the College Board's AP Course Audit Teacher page.

What's Next

Where to find a syllabus for a AP Course?

Course syllabi can be found in the program by hovering over Courses and selecting Browse Curriculum then finding the course. Or on the Support site as noted below.

  1. After Logging into Plato Courseware, click Support.
  2. Choose the Resources icon, then the Instructor Materials icon.
  3. Choose Plato Courseware Instructor Materials.
  4. Select any of the AP courses.
  5. Click the Course Syllabus link.


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