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Apply Past Progress in Plato Courseware


An activity can appear in more than one course or custom resource. A Learner's assignment progress for an activity is tracked independently for each section where that activity exists. When a Learner makes progress on the activity in one section, it does not affect its status in any other class. Plato Courseware does not automatically carry status on an activity from one section to another.

The Apply Past Progress feature, however, gives you the option to do a one time application of status to a class from other sections, both present and past. You can choose to apply mastery and exemption data from previous classes to a selected Learner and choose how far back you want the system to search for that data. Once you've applied past progress to learner(s) in a section, the action cannot be undone


If you use the Apply Past Progress feature, the credit is applied immediately.

1. Go to MenuMenue button.JPG

2. Go to Instructor's My Course Sections


3. Locate the Course and section where the student is enrolled.

my course sections apply.JPG

4. When the section name appears click on the 3 dots dots.JPG

5. Select 'Apply Past Progress'

My course sections options.JPG

6. Use the drop down to select how far back you want to bring in mastered progress

7. Click on 'Apply Past Progress'

apply past progress.JPG

What's Next

What progress data is carried over with the Apply Past Progress feature?

Mastery, exemption, score, completion, and number of tries are carried over for selected activity types:

  • Mastery of mastery tests
  • Exempted modules

Completion status, scores, and number of tries that carry over:

  • Mastered mastery tests
  • Tutorials, applications, problem-solving activities, etc. in mastered modules
  • Completed activities in PLATO elective content, including Midterm and Final Exams
  • Offline activities that report Record Completion
  • Practice activities

What progress data is not carried over with the Apply Past Progress feature?

Completion status and scores in the following activities are not carried over with the Apply Past Progress feature:

  • Pretests, posttests, and end of semester tests
  • Tutorials, applications, problem-solving activities, quizzes, etc. in modules that are not mastered or completed
  • Any teacher graded item such as discussions or digital drop box activities

These restrictions apply to classes on which you use the Apply Past progress feature. These features carry over selected Learner progress data from one or more classes to another class. They are designed to apply only to learning modules, not to unit or course level assessment tests.

If a Learner has previously earned a score on a unit posttest or end of semester test covering the same content, and you want to transfer that score to a new class, you can enter it manually using the Edit Progress Status option in Edit Status, without requiring the Learner to take the test again in the new section.

While you cannot enter a unit pretest score for a Learner, note that, when you use the Apply Past progress feature, the Learner does retain any module exemptions that the Learner earned by taking a pretest in a previous assignment.

Note:  These restrictions do not apply to a Learner who is removed from a class and then added back to the same Section. If you add a Learner back to the same Section, all of the Learner's progress in that class remains intact, including pre/post/end of semester test scores.

Other Considerations

Does the Apply Past Progress feature work with Courseware and Flex assignments?

Progress data from Flex Assignments is included when Apply Past Progress is applied to classes in Plato Courseware.


Does the Apply Past Progress feature work with different versions of Content?

Past Progress is a feature that carries over completed data from old classes to new ones where modules are identical. Where these modules are different, such as a new version with different content or technology, the data may not transition as the material is not the same. 


For example, if a student started a Geometry course and returned at a later time, when a newer version of the course was assigned to the learner, there could be an incident where the module mastery from the past is not exactly aligned. A newer version may include the addition of technology enhanced items or another innovative feature that may not map directly to the original course the learner began in. 


In these instances it may be acceptable to exempt the learner from the appropriate module(s). It may also be possible to take the pretest to show mastery, for which the Learner would be exempt from mastered modules. Lastly, Educators can also run reports to obtain past scores and manually add them to the newer version of the course. 


Is the Apply Past Progress feature available for Edmentum Assessment prescription assignments?

The Apply Past Progress feature is not available to use with prescription assignments in Edmentum Assessments.


Is the Apply Past Progress feature available for inactive classes?

Progress data from inactive classes are included when Apply Past Progress is applied.


Transfer students from one Section to another while maintaining their progress status.

Refer to how to transfer students to a new class for more information on this feature.


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