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Are Edmentum courses approved by the NCAA?


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has specific rules for initial academic eligibility of student athletes.


  • NCAA student athletes are required to take a certain number of core courses in high school in order to obtain initial eligibility.
  • Courses that are taught through distance learning, online, credit recovery, etc., need to be comparable in length, content and rigor to courses taught in a traditional classroom setting. Students may not skip lessons or tests from the modules.
  • All courses must include ongoing access between the instructor and student, as well as regular interaction for purposes of teaching, evaluating and providing assistance.
  • Any course taken must have a defined time period for completion.

The NCAA approves only credit-granting institutions, which Edmentum is not. Although, Edmentum cannot directly submit its courses to the NCAA for approval, you can feel confident submitting courses that utilize the Plato curriculum. Plato courses have all of the rigor and breadth that the NCAA expects to see in a core course.


While Plato courses on their own are not NCAA approved, Edmentum’s fully accredited virtual school, EdOptions Academy, has been granted program approval by the NCAA Eligibility Center to offer nontraditional instruction for student-athletes. Refer to NCAA Solutions for more information and to contact an Edmentum Solutions Specialist. 

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Refer to the following resources for more information:


The NCAA provides a number of guidelines and resources to help schools with the submission process. Contact Edmentum Sales for further assistance with the process and available resources.

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