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Career Technical Education (CTE) Courses


CTE describes courses that are designed to help students explore different fields of study and gain skills that they can use in college and their future careers. Intended CTE responds to the needs of the economy because students are gaining skills that are industry focused, and students enrolled in CTE   programs have a much lower dropout rate. Over 14 million students are enrolled in CTE in almost every state in nearly 1300 public high schools.The Career Technical Education (CTE) Library is available for purchase and offers new elective courses that are highly intuitive, graphically rich, and visually stimulating. Some CTE courses offer mobile games downloadable in the Apple and Android App Stores.

The CTE Library will help learners prepare for post-secondary education or careers with engaging content that covers all 16 Career Clusters®, giving educators a great deal of choice to offer students.

CTE Library Benefits

  • Customization: Educators will be able to add in content form other courses in their library, remove content, and even build courses from scratch
  • Familiar course structure: All CTE courses will follow the new Elective course structure which is similar to the standard course format
  • Highly Interactive and Video-rich content: These courses feature engaging videos, rich images, and interactive lessons to engage learners and promote success.
  • Mobile Friendly: Courses are mobile friendly so students and teachers will be able to use them whether using a computer or a mobile device

CTE Course Catalog

CTE Brochure

For a list of resources that a student would need access to in order to successfully complete CTE courses, refer to Materials Needed for CTE courses. 

Please contact your Edmentum Sales Representative at 800-447-5286 for more information on purchasing these courses.