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Completing offline activities in PLATO content for Learners


There are two types of offline activities in PLATO content, supplemental (optional) and required. Ask your Instructor about completing these activities.


Required Offline Activities: These offline activities are their own modules and are accompanied by a Record Completion activity. In some PLATO content, there are questions on pretests that may relate to an offline activity where a Learner can exempt from the offline activity module in the unit if they answer the associated questions correctly.


Supplemental Offline Activities: These offline activities are part of a module, usually with a tutorial and mastery test, in which case there is not Record Completion activity of a Finished? button. The activity is generally considered to be supplemental (optional), but an educator may decide to require Learners to complete it. For these offline activities, completion, mastery, or exempted status cannot be set.


For both types of offline activities, they are Adobe PDF documents and must be printed in order for Learners to fill them out. They are then submitted to educators for scoring.


Completing offline activities

In an offline activity module, the Record Completion activity is there for Learners to self report completion of the offline activity that accompanies it. The module will continue to show In Progress until the Record Completion activity is marked Finished.

  1. Select the offline activity, which will open an Adobe PDF document. Follow the directions or do the reading as appropriate. Print the document if necessary to fill in answers. Turn the completed document into your Instructor.
  2. Exit the offline activity when complete. The offline activity itself will not indicate any completion status (not started or completed).
  3. Click Finished? next to the Record Completion activity.
  4. Click OK to confirm you have finished the offline activity.
  5. The completion status for the offline activity will always appear next to Record Completion (not started or completed).

What's Next

Please contact your Instructor for further assistance with offline activities.

Other Considerations

For additional information about using PLATO as a Learner, please refer to the Student Orientation tutorial and Learner Guide:

PLATO Learner Guide


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