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Editing Learner Status in Courseware


Educators and Administrators can edit certain status fields (exemption, lock, mastery, completion, score) of a learner on an activity in an assignment, for example:

  • Tutorials, applications, and mastery tests
  • Unit Pretests, Unit Posttests and End of Semester tests
  • Modules (e.g. Odd and Even Numbers)
  • Entire Units (e.g. Unit 2 of Algebra 1, Semester A)
  • Offline Activity Record Completions
  • Teacher Graded Activities

How to

Edit Status in Plato Courseware as an Administrator. 

  1. From your Courseware Program click Menu.
  2. Click Manage Learners.
  3. Search for the Learners name 
  4. Click on the magnifying glass to View Learners Results under "Quick Actions" next to the student.
  5. Click on the magnifying glass to View Class Summery under "Quick Actions" next to the class you want to edit.
  6. Click on Enrolled Learners button
  7. Click on the pencil icon to View and Manage learners course activities under "Quick Actions" next to the student.
  8. Find the Activity for which you wish to Edit Status and click the "..." icon next to the activity name.

  1. Select the action you wish to perform.  Set as Locked will lock an activity.  Unlock will unlock the activity.  Set as Exempt will exempt the Learner from the activity.  Edit Activity will allow you to set an activity and enter a score, if necessary or desired.  Reset Activity will reset the activity for the Learner.  View Edit History provides a list of all of the edits that have been made on a particular activity.


Edit Status in Plato Courseware as an Instructor. 

  1. On the Courseware homepage, from the My Course Sections page, click the course section name.
  2. Click the student's name to go to the Student Curriculum Details page.
  3. Click the "..." icon next to the activity's name.

  1. Select Edit Activity from the drop-down menu that appears.

The Edit Activity window appears. This will vary based on the type of activity.

  1. Edit the activity accordingly
    • For graded activities, enter a score to mark the item as complete
    • For non-graded activities like tutorials, click the Completion button to mark it as complete.
    • Resetting an activity erases a student's grade for the activity and sets it to not started. If the student has entered text or submitted a file for the activity, this work will still be available when the student logs in, but they will have to resubmit the work. Resetting cannot be undone.
    • Unexempting a student from an activity removes an exemption and requires the student to complete it. The activity will be considered incomplete for pacing purposes until the student completes it.
  2. Click Save.

Other Considerations

Resetting a completed pre-test will not reset the exempted activities.


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