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Fitness and Health Courses Powered by Carone Learning


Edmentum's Health and Fitness library powered by Carone Learning offers more than 65 semesters of health, PE, elective and career courses for elementary, middle and high school students. Carone's Learning offers engaging student-centric curriculum that focuses on improving the foundational understanding of health and fitness, expanding knowledge of healthy lifestyle concepts, and helping students explore career pathways in the health sciences and fitness industries.

The courses powered by Carone Learning differ from Plato Courses and are identified with a 'CL' in the course name.

Course Catalog for Carone can be found here.

Carone Fitness FAQ and comparison to Plato Courses

Activity types Lessons, Quizzes each Lesson, Drop box (Assignments and Activities), Discussions (Brain Exercise), Unit Exams (for some courses), Final Exams (some courses).
The best way to see what's available is to look in Browse Curriculum as it may be slightly different based on grade level and type of Carone course.
Course structure – i.e. Which courses have unit tests,finals and which ones don't

The course structures vary, so the best way to see what's available for a course is to look at it in Browse Curriculum.

Note that when reviewing these courses as an educator, you are seeing all the items in the exams. Students will only see 50 of the questions in the pool for their exam, and the educator sees all items in the pool.

What specific reports are available? What can it report? Carone Courses participate in all the usual Courses Reports. Quizzes and other assessments all participate in the Test Progress Report.
What are best practices for grading and weighting in Grade Tracker and Grade Report? Carone courses contain activities that report completion status only and cannot be mastered or exempted. When using grading templates, use the Learning Modules category, not the Mastery Test category to weigh the activities. The content also contains digital drop box activities, threaded discussions, and quizzes which can be used for weighting categories as well. Use the quizzes category for midterm and final exams instead of unit posttests and end of semester test categories.
Does Grade Tracker support all types of activities in these courses? Grade Tracker supports all scoreable activities and will be reflected as such once the Courses are released and the official GT Templates are created for the platform.
Pacing - How do students keep track of progress vs completion of a lesson? It marks them complete upon launch. This appears to be different functionality from Plato courses. Completion for a lesson occurs on launch. Scores are collected for quizzes, drop box, and discussions. For pacing, any activity that is completed and/or mastered if it reports mastery (quizzes), then it is included in the activities completed in the Graphic Learner Progress for pacing.
How does customization work?  Carone participates in Course Customization as any other course. The units in the courses can be added in whole, or its individual components can be added, but there are no modules.
How does Flex work?  Carone participates in Flex as any other course does.
Can teacher preview students answers to test questions via Class Curriculum? Yes. Once a student has taken a quiz, the teacher can review the student answers the same way they can for any Course Level Assessments or Mastery Tests.
How does Sensei function with the courses? Teachers/Admins receive alerts for completed quizzes and assessments. Discussion and Dropbox activities appear on the Ready to Score page.
Is there messaging functionality? Students and Teachers may use the messaging features available in the application.
Is system time tracked? Time on Task tracked? Both system time and time on task are tracked in the system.
Will this introduce a new URL/whitelist to the program?

We recommend configuring your network and workstations with the following "wildcard" domain:


Click here for a full list of wildcard domains for all content.

Is there a Master list of 3rd party URL links for all Carone content We currently do not have a full list created as it would be in the thousands.
Are there separate Teacher resources and answer keys? (i.e. teacher guides, answer keys for unit activities or offline activity assignments) All the teacher resources are located on the Instructor Material page here.


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