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GED® Ready


GED Ready™ has the same look and feel as the real GED ® test, but is half the length. Test-takers who try GED Ready™ will get firsthand experience answering computer-based test questions written and developed by the test’s creators.

• Evaluate your test-takers’ instant GED Ready™ scores and decide if they’re prepared to test. You’ll be able to identify areas of strength and weakness and immediately work on improvements.
• GED Ready™ will be synced to Plato Courseware to help you create targeted study plans for your test-takers. When someone finishes GED Ready™, they’ll receive specific guidance on what to study in Plato Courseware.

How to purchase GED Ready™

Edmentum is a preferred provider of GED Ready™.  Customers must have PLATO Content Library to purchase. We do not offer single vouchers for purchase. Upon purchasing GED Ready™, customers will receive voucher codes to distribute to as needed. Students go through the school and the educator provides them the voucher. Vouchers are good for 12 months from date of purchase. For more information, contact your Edmentum Sales Rep for information on purchasing.


How does it work?

Student logs onto GED at and selects the practice tests. Then they enter the voucher code. After taking the GED Ready test, a list of publishers is provided via their MYGED report. This defaults to Edmentum if our voucher is used and the student is directed to access the Edmentum specified activities . Based on the test results, it will show which modules to work on as aligned to PLATO Content. The Educator can then use the alignment to assign the content in PLATO Courseware. Students have access to all GED Ready info through their GED profile on the site. Essays are graded by the student, or manually by the teacher. All data (due to GED privacy settings) will need to be manually given to teacher, including Essay for grading.


Who supports it?

GED testing service supports GED Ready. Here is the website which contains the website to login at, contact info and FAQ’s:


GED Testing Publishers

GED 2014 teacher course


Refer to Edmentum GED Preparation Solutions for more information on GED solutions.



How to get more help

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