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The GED® test is changing to help more adults become career and college ready.  Edmentum offers a complete GED preparation solution to help open up doors for learners to better paying jobs, new careers, college classrooms, and a brighter future.  We are committed to providing adult basic education students with the highest quality programs to prepare them for the new 2014 GED® Test.  We are working collaboratively with the GED® Testing Service to ensure that our offerings are closely aligned with what's being measured on the new test.  In addition to our partnership with GED®, we are also a preferred provider of GED Ready - The Official Practice Test, completing our full test preparation solution. 

Plato Courseware GED prep course

Plato Courseware offers superior preparation with in-depth content aligned to the new 2014 GED® test. Customers can use the personalized score report from the Official Practice Test that syncs to our instructional content to help create targeted study plans for test-takers.  These courses provide the curriculum to help learners prepare for and pass all four portions of the exam. Refer to the Preparation for GED Instructor Guide for course details.

GED Test Preparation Tools

Self-paced GED® Test preparation tools from Edmentum will provide learners with individualized practice built from the 2014 test content.


Edmentum Test Packs with Prescriptions for GED is a resource to fill skill and knowledge gaps for those preparing for the GED.  The test will assess the same skills, and as much as possible in the same format, but will not score like the GED.  Technology enhanced item types will be part of this test pack to provide students with the practice needed to prepare them for the new 2014 GED® test.  Customers who are currently using GED SIM Test will automatically have the new GED Test Packs.


The GED SIM Test and GED Exam Intervention will retire for new sales 1/1/2014, as the both will be out of date.  Customers looking for these solutions can choose from Plato Courseware or Edmentum Test Packs for GED, or Test simulation with GED Ready. 

Test simulation with GED Ready

The GED® test is changing. We work collaboratively with the GED Testing Service® to ensure that our solutions are closely aligned with what’s being measured on the new test. In addition to our partnership with the GED Testing Service®, we are also a preferred provider of GED Ready™ – The Official Practice Test.


GED Readyhas the same look and feel as the real GED® test but is half the length.  Test-takers who try GED Readywill get firsthand experience answering computer-based test questions written and developed by the test's creators.  Users have the ability to evaluate test-takers' instant GED Ready scores and decide if they're prepared to test.  Customers will be able to identify areas of strength and weakness and immediately work on improvements.  GED Readywill be aligned to Plato Courseware to help customers create targeted study plans for your test-takers.  When users finish GED Ready, they'll receive specific guidance on what to study in Plato Courseware. 


Refer to GED Solutions for more details on the complete GED preparation solution.

Refer to High School Equivalency Instructor Materials for course materials.


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