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How to Create a Class in Courseware


After Learners have been created and before they start working in content, they need to be enrolled into a class for the content title they are taking. Multiple classes can be created per content title, one for each Instructor to manage, or multiple Instructors (a maximum of five) can be added to one class to manage together. In Courseware, only Account Administrators and Program Admins can create classes. Instructors can create classes if the Account Admin enables this functionality in the account.

How To

Account Administrators should set up classes before the start of a semester to ensure that all courses that are offered have a class and an assigned Instructor.

Steps to Create a Class

1. From Courseware, click the Menu button

2. Select Course Catalog

3. Under Quick Actions click the icon next to the course for which you want to add a new class.

4. Enter the class details:

  • Class Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Note: Make sure to include both a start date and end date. An end date allows you to view pacing on the My Course Sections page.
  • Class Description
  • Due Date: When an educator sets a due date on an assignment, they have the ability to determine whether or not to allow learners to continue to access the assignment after the date.

5. Each class requires an appropriate and unique name, which you can create by following best practices for naming conventions. For example, one best practice is to include the instructor name or time of the course at the start of the class name.
Richard, Fall 2017, Advanced Chemistry, Semester B
(Instructor Name, Year, Course Name, Semester)

6. Assign an Instructor to the new class by clicking the +add instructor link. Enter the Instructor’s name in the search box, then select the Instructor from the drop-down list.  You can also remove the assigned instructor(s) by clicking the remove link.  

7. Click Save & Close to save the new class.

What's Next

Refer to this article for information on how to enroll learners into a Class.


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