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How to Manage Classes in Courseware


In PLATO® Courseware, Instructors have the ability to make changes to Class settings, scoring Discussions and Dropbox Activities, withdrawing Learners, previewing content, review completed work, edit status, and much more.

How To

Manage Classes from our New Plato Home Page!

You can now manage classes directly from our New Plato Home Page! For more information on managing classes from our new view, click here!

How to Enroll or Withdraw a Learner from the class:

Enrolling or Withdrawing a Learner

How to Edit a Learner's Status in PLATO Courseware:

Editing Learner Status in PLATO Courseware

For details on how to set individual due dates for students, click here.

How to use Class Curriculum for your Classes:

Customizing Classes using Class Curriculum

How to View/Grade Graded Discussions and Dropbox Activities:

Viewing and Grading Discussions and Dropbox Activities 

How to Preview Content

Previewing Lesson Content

How to Deactivate/Reactivate a Class 

Deactivating or Reactivating a Class


Viewing Tests and Tutorial Progress

Educators have the ability to see the work that learners have completed within tutorials by opening the tutorial in review mode from the Plato Courseware application. This includes responses to lesson activities, constructed response and technology-enhanced items, as well as information on which parts of the tutorial have been viewed. 

Educators can also review completed mastery tests, pre/post test to see students answers along with answer keys.

From the New Courseware Home Page:

  1. Go to the My Course Sections
  2. Click on the name of a class
  3. Then click on a students name you want to view and manage
  4. Under Results there will be a Review column. Within this column click on  the computer screen icon with a magnifying glass. hello.PNG


Note: Viewing learner answers for tutorials and tests is only available in our newest courses (HTML5 format (EAP)). This functionality is not available in our legacy content. If the student has completed the tutorial and the icon is not displayed, the content uses a format that does not offer the functionality to view it here. For a list of Content Players, please refer to this article.

How to View Reports from My Course Sections:

  1. Go to the My Course Sections.
  2. Find Class
  3. To the right of the Class you will see a Quick Reports icon. 


  1. Select either the Course Module Mastery,  Graphic Learner Progress, Detailed Score Report or the Section Roster.  Each report will open in a new window in PDF format.