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How to Print Tests and Answer Keys in Plato Courseware


Educators have the ability to print Course Level Assessments (CLA's) which include the unit pretest, posttest and end of semester test. Additionally, educators have the ability to view and print mastery tests in the newest Plato courses (not available on legacy content). Learners can take the test offline and educators can then enter the score into Plato Courseware.

Note: Offline tests vary from online versions.

How To

Preview Lesson Content (From Course Catalog) 

1. Select your Courseware program
2. Select the menu buttonmenu.JPG

3. Select Course Catalog

4. If you click on the course name and you will be brought to a page with all the activities for that course listed. Click on the activity you would like to preview

course catalog.JPG course catalog_activity list.JPG


Navigating the Assessment Player

Unit Pre/Post/End of Semester Tests in Plato Content have been updated to use a new feature called Assessment Player. Mastery Tests in the newest courses, and courses released in the future will also include this functionality. This allows for future enhancements to test questions such as Technology-Enhanced Items. With the new Player, there are some functionality changes in the way the questions and answers are displayed and printed.

Test screen.JPG

Educators can print the questions and answers by pressing Ctrl+P on the keyboard.

What's Next


  • To view questions as they are displayed to the learner, click Prev and Next buttons or Questions to go directly to a specific question.  By default, the questions are displayed with the Answer Key. Select Unanswered to see the questions without an answer.
  • To view all questions or questions and answers in a test, click Print> Print Test or Print Answer Key.
  • To report an issue with a test question, go to the question and click Report Issue.


See the link below for more information on Instructor Materials available for PLATO Content:

PLE Instructor Materials

Other Considerations

Override score for CLA

After Learners take the test offline, educators can enter the score for the CLA by Editing Learner status in PLATO Courseware.


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