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How to Report a Question or Concern for Test Item in Courseware Content


Administrators or instructors can submit a question or concern about Test Pack benchmark assessment content or Test Items in a Course Level Assessment (CLA, or PreTest, PostTest, EOS Test, and some Mastery Tests).  This generates an email to Edmentum Support.


How to submit a question or concern to Edmentum Support about Test Items or Test Pack content:

  1. Preview the test from the program via Browse Curriculum, Class Curriculum, Assignment, or Assessment Catalog.
  2. Click Report Issue.
  3. Complete the form and clicks Submit.

  4. You will receive confirmation of the submitted query and when the user can expect to be contacted.

  5. An e-mail is automatically generated in the Edmentum Support inbox.

What's Next

Edmentum Support reviews the submission and creates a case to document the issue. After investigating, Support then sends an email to the customer with the results and next steps.

Other Considerations

Please contact Edmentum Support for content issues in lesson activities such as Mastery Tests, Applications, Tutorials, etc.

Contact UsEdit section

To contact Edmentum Support Services, call toll free 1-800-869-2200 or send us an email by using the Contact Us form.


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