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How to View Test Results in Courseware


Educators can view how a Learner answered questions for Quizzes, Mastery Tests, Midterms, pretests, posttests, and end of semester tests.


To view learner results:

  1. Select the Courseware and your respective program
  2. If you are an administrator select 'Manage Courses', if you are a teacher select 'My Course Sections'.
  3. Select the down-arrow on course to reveal the class and select the class to view enrolled learners.
  4. Select the name of one Enrolled Learner

Select the three dots to the right of the activity you'd like to edit. You will have the following options:


  • Locking an activity prevents a student from accessing the activity. (A student can still access a mastery test by completing the tutorial.)
  • Hiding an activity will prevent this student from seeing the activity. (The activity will still be featured in the overall grade, so the educator will need to adjust this in the Gradebook.)
  • Resetting an activity will have the learner take the activity from the beginning of the session. 
  • View History will show you all actions taken on a course including instructor's or learner's name, the action that was taken, and the time and date of the action. 
  • Omitting activity will drop the activity from the total grade in Gradebook and reduce the number of activities the student will need to complete to finish the course. 
  • Exempting an activity will give the student 100% for the activity. (You'll also have the option to unexempt modules.)
  • Editing an activity will allow the instructor to input a score and determine mastery.

    To view a student's attempt on a mastery quiz or tutorial, click the clipboard_eb0750c0c959263e2d310b44ae7349ff9.png icon to the right of their score for their activity

A new tab will open and you can review the learner's responses as well as the answer key for the module. 
In this instance the learner submitted the assignment without selecting an answer so we will see 'Answer Not Provided'

If there is no clipboard_eb0750c0c959263e2d310b44ae7349ff9.pngicon, then the results are not available for that activity type.
The learner must complete the test before the results are visible.


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