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How to customize content in View Curriculum


Instructors have the ability to customize content in Edmentum Courseware by using the Class Curriculum feature. Educators are able to customize content via Class Curriculum in the following ways:

  • Hide or show Graded Discussion, Teacher Graded Assignments, Mastery Tests, Pretests, and Posttest.
  • Omit modules, eliminate the activity included in the overall grade.
  • Exempt modules, offering the student a 100% in place of the activity.
  • Limit Attempts to Unlock Mastery Tests.
  • Reorder modules within a unit, in a course for a class.

How To

Accessing the Section Curriculum:

1. Select your Courseware program
2. Select Menu in the upper left-hand corner
3. Select My Course Sections and click on the course name 

4.Click on the Curriculum icon to the right of the class section name  curriculum icon.JPG

You will see a dotted icon move button.JPG to the left of activities indicating that you can click and drag them. In the images below you will see the course orientation moved down one row.

custom course curricum.JPG custom course curricum after.JPG

Global Settings:

You will now find Global Settings in the Curriculum section of My Course Sections

Global settings.JPG

To limit attempts to unlock mastery tests for students:

Click 'Edit' next to 'Limit Attempts to Unlock Mastery Tests: Unlimited' to edit the attempts for mastery tests 
Select the number of attempts, then click Save

edit student mastery.JPG

Adjusting Curriculum Settings:
  • Click on the arrow next to 'Curriculum Settings' to access all activities for the class
  • Each activity type will have an option to Lock, Hide, or Omit if available. 

Locking an activity prevents a student from accessing the activity. (A student can still access a mastery test by completing the tutorial.)
Hiding an activity will prevent this student from seeing the activity. (The activity will still be featured in the overall grade, so the educator will need to adjust this in the Gradebook.)
Omitting activity will drop the activity from the total grade in Gradebook and reduce the number of activities the student will need to complete to finish the course. 


Note: Hiding or removing content from the Class Curriculum will not remove questions from the Pretest, Posttest or End of Semester Test, this can only be done by an Administrator thru Custom Course Builder. They will also still be featured in the overall grade and need to be adjusted on the Gradebook!

Once all modifications have been in the Class Curriculum, click on 'Done' at the top of the page.



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For detailed information about this feature please refer to the PLATO Courseware User's Guide and Product Training Course:

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To access the Instructor Product Training Course: create a Learner user for any instructors who need access and enroll these learners in the Instructor Product Training Course. See the link below for steps on how to enroll Learners into a Section.

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