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How to transfer a Class in PLATO Courseware


In Plato Courseware, Admins and Program Admins can transfer students from one class to another while maintaining their progress status. Educators can now move students to a different class with a different teacher and maintain status on a particular course. This allows students to be transferred as needed without manual score overrides. Note: this only applies to classes within the same course and does not allow transfers between other courses or programs. 

How To

There are 2 ways to transfer a student from one class to another.

Steps to Transfer a Class via Manage Students


  1. Go to the Manage Students tab

  2. Search for the name of the student you would like to transfer

  3. Select their name and locate the section and course you want to remove them from

  4. Click the more actions button to the far right of the course

  5. Select the Transfer Student option

  6. Check the box of the class you'd like to transfer the student to

  7. Click Transfer Student to finalize the move.



Note: If desired, you can also unenroll and then enroll a student into a duplicate class and then apply past progress using the instructions in the following links: Un-Enrolling and Enrolling a Student and Applying Past Credit.



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