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How to use Reader Support for Learners for Courseware


Reader Support is available in all Plato curriculum (excluding Global Languages content) and assessments. This includes:

  • Text to Speech
  • Translation
  • Dictionary Look-Up
  • Highlighters

The player will look slightly different between the player you are using. To determine your player, reference the following article.

How to Tell Which Content Player is being used in Plato Content

How To

Once you've launched an activity, click Reader Support in the upper left corner to access the tools, or the corresponding icon.

Text to Speech

Allows you to type or paste text into the Reader Support Tools box and have it read aloud to you in English. This includes tutorials, applications, mastery quizzes, assessments, offline PDF's and web pages. Four different reader voice options are available to choose from


Text to Speech in HTML 5 (EAP)

  • Slide Narration allows the learner to follow along with the sentence that is being read aloud

1. Click the slider next to Slide Narration to turn on

2. Click on the first word of the sentence you would like to have read.


  • Click to Speak allows the learner to hear the highlighted sentence.

1. Click the slider next to Turn on Click to Speak to turn on

2. Click the sentence you wish to play .


Text to Speech in HTML 5 (PCAP)

1.Either Type or Copy and Paste the text you wish to have read aloud

2. Click Listen after choosing a voice.

3. Click Clear to delete the text before typing or pasting new text to have read aloud. 


Allows Learners to copy and paste a word, or type text into reader support, then by clicking Translate, the text will be translated into one of 16 languages including Chinese – Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Hmong Daw, Polish, and Urdu. This feature is not available in course level assessments.  

Translate HTML5 Player (EAP)



1. Click on Quote icon on the left

2. Enter text in the box

3. Select Language in Translate To drop down menu

4. Click Translate



Translate HTML 5 Player (PCAP)

  1. Type or paste text into the text box.
  2. Click the pull down arrow to select the language to translate in and click Translate.
  3. The translation of the text will display on the right. 
  4. Click Clear to delete the text before typing or pasting new text to translate. 

Dictionary Look-Up

Allows you to copy and paste a word, or type a word into the Reader Support Tools box and see the definition of that word in either English or Spanish, along with an audio pronunciation in English. Learners can also bring in text from offline activities when the curriculum is open. Dictionary Look-Up is not available in pretests, posttests, end of semester tests or test pack assessments.


Dictionary Look up in HTML 5 Player (EAP)

1. Click The book  icon to the left

2. Type in the word to define.

3. Click Define button to define.

Dictionary Look up in HTML 5 Player (PCAP)

  1. Type or paste a single word into the text box on the left side.
  2. Click Define. Click define in Spanish to display the definition of the word in Spanish. 
  3. The definition of the word will display on the right side. Click the audio symbol to hear the pronunciation of the defined word. 
  4. Click Clear to delete the word before typing or pasting a new word to define.



This feature allows students to highlight any text within course level assessments and courses. There are four different colors to use for highlighting; yellow, green, cyan (blue), and magenta. All highlighting is persistent, and can be cleared if wanted. Educators will be able to see what students have highlighted when reviewing their results. Refer to the Highlighter Tool for more information.

Note: This tool is not compatible with Algebra content such as Algebra 1 & 2 A/B and Algebra modules in Integrated Math.


What's Next

Please contact your Instructor for further assistance with Reader Support.

Having trouble loading Reader Support?

If students are unable to load the Reader Support feature, it may be due to restrictions on the browser or network. Refer to the following KA's for details on URL's that need to be allowed:

Which URLs should be added as Trusted Sites

Which URLs/IPs/domains need to be accessible in order to run PLATO lessons.

Reader Support in Algebra courses

In Algebra courses, the Reader Support read aloud feature functions a little differently than other courses. The text that is being read disappears instead of highlights as it’s read. This is on the introductory lesson pages only. This is a limitation in Algebra courses, but note that since these courses have slide narration, students may not notice this.

How to copy and paste text using a Windows/Macintosh operating systems

Note: Not all Plato content can be copied and pasted into Reader Support. If copy and paste doesn't work, type the text into Reader Support Tools box instead.

  1. Press and hold the left button on the mouse while selecting the text you want to copy. The text will highlight in blue or black in most instances.
  2. Windows: With the text selected (highlighted), click the right button on the mouse  and left click on Copy. You won't see anything happen on the screen when you click Copy

Macintosh: With the text selected (highlighted), press and hold the Command (apple) key on the keyboard and then press C.   You won't see anything happen on the screen when you press this key combination.

  1. Click Reader Support. Click in the box on the left side so the cursor displays and flashes.
  2. Windows: To paste the text, click the right button on the mouse and left click on Paste.

Macintosh: To paste the text, press and hold the Command (apple) key on the keyboard and then press V.

  1. Click Listen with or Translate to depending if you want to hear the text read aloud or translate it to a different language.

Other Considerations

For additional information about using PLATO as a Learner, please refer to the Student Orientation tutorial and Learner Guide:

PLATO Learner Guide


How to get more help

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