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How to use the learning aids in Algebra content


There are five tools available in Algebra content; Math Entry Tools, Notebook, Graphing Tool, Calculator, and Audio.

How To

Math Entry Tools

Some questions in the PLATO algebra content requires Learners to enter fractions, exponents, radicals, operation signs, and/or inequality signs, and any combination of these. Math Entry tools allow Learners to enter the answer as a format identical to how they would write the answer.

The Math Entry tool buttons (with keyboard equivalents) display as part of any fill-in questions to assist Learners in constructing the answer. Learners select the button that corresponds with the placement of the entry they want to make (e.g., base, fractions, exponent, numerator, denominator).

Note: For more information about these functions, click the ? button near the math entry tool.


The Notebook is an online version of a paper notebook. Each Learner has one notebook where they can take notes on important points, edit them, and refer to them quickly from within the PLATO algebra courseware to refresh their knowledge of the topic. There is one notebook per curriculum. All of the notes a Learner takes during any module will exist in the same notebook. These notes are only available to the Learner from within the PLATO algebra content. The Notebook may be opened at any time by selecting Notebook from the Tools menu.

Restrictions: The Notebook is not available in mastery tests.

Graphing Tool

The Graphing Tool allows Learners to see a visual representation of an equation on a graph. They can be opened at any time by selecting Graphing Tool from the Tools menu.


The PLATO algebra content includes an online calculator for solving problems. It supports basic operations in the instance where Learners do not have access to a hand-held calculator. It is available at any time from the Tools menu to help Learners perform arithmetic operations. The Calculator may be opened at any time by selecting Calculator from the Tools menu.


The PLATO algebra content allows Learners to listen to the words that display for each scene within the Study section of tutorials.

Benefits of optional audio include the following:

  • Allows Learners with reading difficulties hear the text and read along.
  • Sets the pace of the instruction.
  • Allows Learners to hear terminology pronounced and used in context.
  • Audio states
  • While the audio plays, the audio controls display like this:
  • Learners can click the Audio button to stop the audio.
  • When the audio stops, the audio controls display like this:
  • Learners can click the Forward arrow to continue.
  • Learners can click the Replay button to replay the audio for the scene.
  • Replay

What's Next

Please see the link below and/or contact your Instructor for further assistance with the integrated math tools in algebra content.

Navigating and entering answers in PLATO Activites for Learners in PLE

Other Considerations

For additional information about using PLATO as a Learner, please refer to the Student Orientation tutorial and Learner Guide:

PLATO Learner Guide


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