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Manage Due Dates for Learners in Courseware


In Plato Courseware, Educators have the ability to change the Due Date for a class or for a single learner. This knowledge article will cover the directions for editing the due date for a class or for a single learner. As a best practice we recommend including both a start and end date. An end date allows you to view pacing on the My Course Sections page.



To edit start or end date for Learners as an Administrator

  1. Go to your Courseware Program
  2. Click the Menu button and select Course Catalog
  3. Locate the Course and expand the course by clicking the black arrow to the left of the course name.
  4. Click on the pencil icon for the class
  5. Enter the End Date
  6. Click Save & Close button

To Set Individual Due dates for Learners as an Instructor

1. Click on Menu

2. Next Click on My Classes

3. Under the Quick Actions, click the Class Summary icon

4. Click Enrolled Learners

5.Check the box, next to the desired Learner Name.

6. Above the Last Name column, click Actions drop down menu.

7. Choose Set Learner(s) End Date.

8. Type or Select the Calendar icon to set the date for the learner

9. Click Save


  • If a Program administrator has not checked the “lock if overdue” box the assignment will still be accessible to the student but have a red overdue alert on the main landing page.
  • If a Program administrator has checked the lock box, the assignment will act this way:

Neither instance removes the assignment from view.


What's Next

 For information regarding how to mange the class, please refer to this link.


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