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Recording in World Languages Content


World Languages Courses utilize activities that prompt the student to record pronunciation and submit it for review. An audio recorder tool has been added to the digital drop box area of the student interface. This tool will allow students to record audio files that they can save and submit through the digital drop box.


Upload a Digital Drop Box activity file

  1. You will go to the Graded Activity area on the left hand of the screen. 

2. Select to Record and Audio File and the following pop up 

 3. Click the  button to start recording

 4. It will turn red when recording , click it again to stop recording

 5. Press  to listen before submitting


 6. Name the Audio and then hit save 



7. To upload the Lesson Activity File in addition to audio file, click Upload New File, then click Choose Files and locate the file you saved and want to upload. Double click the file to upload it.

If you want to add or change something in your file, open it again in the folder where you saved it, make your changes and save the file again. Then, click upload a new version of this file. You do not have to give it a different file name; the File Center will keep track of the old versions as well as the latest version that you have uploaded.

 9. When you are ready to submit your file, check the box next to the uploaded file and click Submit for Review or Submit for Score 



Note: Once you have submitted the file for scoring, you cannot upload another file for this activity. You will be asked whether you are submitting your file for final scoring or for review. Choose an option. Add any comments or questions you have for your Instructor if necessary and then click Send Files. You may be required to submit more than one file. For example, an audio file and a Word document.


Once you submit the file, you can return to the digital drop box activity later and click Comments Log to see if your Instructor has left you a comment. After you have submitted your file for scoring, a confirmation message will display under the file.


Refer to Working with Digital Drop Boxes for more information on submitting files for review.

Refer to World Languages for information about these courses.

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