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Stars Suite to Plato Courseware Transition Guide


As you begin your transition from Stars Suite to Plato Courseware you will need guidance on the processes and next steps. We are here to help and have the following resources to assist you during this transition.

Transition Resources

You will need to archive your student records and export them for future reference. Use this document to help guide you through the process of running Stars Suite reports to help you get ready for the transition.

What reports should be run to archive data in Stars Suite?


Many customers will have questions about the new platform and how it compares to the current Stars Suite platform. Use this FAQ to help answer your questions.

Transitioning from Stars Suite FAQ


Your account may have onsite or virtual Professional Development services available to help you with this transition. Contact us by calling 1-800-447-5286. Choose option 9 for Customer Support or option 2 for Sales.


Virtual Workshops are available to provide you with valuable information about the Plato Courseware platform. You can sign up for live workshops or view one of our on-demand workshops at the link below.


Plato Courseware (v 3.5) 101: Getting Started

Instructional Assistance and Data Analysis with Edmentum Sensei

Plato Courseware: Course Structure and Features

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