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What are the differences in versions of Health in Plato Courseware?


The new version (2.0) of Health has been refreshed to include current Health standards.


Key enhancements to the Health content include:

  • 12 lessons
  • Five lesson activities per lesson
  • New lessons on mental health
  • "My Plate" will replace existing references to the Food Pyramid in alignment with updated health standards
  • Activities created in Adobe® Shockwave Player have been removed

Below is a list of actvities that were removed and what's new:

Unit and Module Added/Removed
Unit 1, Medical Mix-Up Removed
Unit 1, Get in Shape! Removed
Unit 2, The AIDS Question Removed
Unit 5, Avoid Trouble Removed
Unit 5, Healthcare Services New
Unit 5, Strategies for Effective Communication New

Activities with changes from Food Pyramid to MyPlate:

Unit and Module
Unit 1, Guidelines for a Healthy Diet
Unit 1, Dietary Guidelines and Nutritional Facts
Unit 1, Individual Caloric and Nutritional Needs

What's Next

How long will Health version 1 be available?

PLATO Course Health, version 1.0 will be available until 6/1/13. In the Content mini-app, a retirement icon displays next to the version 1 course indicating this retirement date. It gives Learners the ability to use the existing course that is currently assigned to complete their assignment. It also makes the retirement visible to educators.

If you are creating a new assignment for Health, use version 2.0 of the course. Learners can continue to work in existing assignments from Health version 1.0 until the end of the 2012-2013 school year.

Note: Version 2.0 contains content that has been removed and some that is new. Learner progress data can only be applied using the Apply Past Credit feature for activities that exist in both versions. Refer to the link below for more information on Apply Past Credit:

Using the Apply Past Credit feature


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