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What are the differences in versions of Spanish, German, and French? (World Languages Content)

PLATO Learning Environment® (PLE) and PLATO Courseware® now offer World Languages Courses released on 07/29/2013.  These courses follow the traditional PLATO Course outline with Pretests, Units, and Modules (Tutorial/Mastery Test).  It also offers mobile games downloadable in the Apple and Android App Stores and course customization.  We offer semester-long courses for Spanish, German, and French:   Spanish I, II, and III A/B v2.0 French I and II A/B v2.0 German I and II A/B v2.0   Note: Teachers should be proficient in the subject area they are teaching.  If you would like to use our World Language courses but do not have proficient teachers,  EdOptions Academy is a great option. Contact your Edmentum Sales Representative to discuss this further.


The Middlebury Interactive Languages® (MIL) will retire on April 1, 2015 and World Languages, exclusive to Edmentum™, will be our sole foreign language solution.  The new World Languages content is identified by the NEW icon and is listed as v2.0.  The MIL content is signified with the Retired (yellow triangle) symbol.  See screenshot below.




In addition Plato World Languages and Middlebury Interactive Languages both utilize activities that prompt the student to record pronunciation and submit it for review. An audio recorder tool has been added to the digital drop box area of the student interface. This tool will allow students to record audio files that they can save and submit through the digital drop box. Refer to Recording in World Languages for more information.


Below is a chart that breaks down the differences between the Edmentum World Languages and MIL content.


Features World Languages by Edmentum™ Middlebury Interactive Languages®
Course Structure    
Instructional Format Units Weekly Calendar Format
Pretests Yes No
Postest Yes Yes (weekly quiz)
Midterm No Yes
Customization Yes No
Mobile Compatible Content Yes No
Mobile Games Yes No


Yes Yes
Video Script Yes No
Pedagogical Approach    
Simulate natural language immersion Yes Yes


The new World Languages content comes as part of the World Languages library, not to be confused with the Global Languages library which houses the MIL courses.  Customers who subscribe to the Global Languages library will not automatically receive World Languages content.  Customers can contact Sales to inquire about the World Languages library.  Customers who subscribe to the Secondary Academic Library will continue to have access to Spanish I and II as a part of SAL.  Those customers will see both the retired MIL Spanish and the NEW Spanish v2.0 in the Content mini-app until the retirement of MIL courses.