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What are the requirements for a Learner to complete a tutorial?


Tutorial completion requirements vary, but in most PLATO content, a Learner receives completion on a tutorial after reaching the last screen and exiting the tutorial correctly.


There are some special circumstances for Completion status with some PLATO content.

Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science:

Learners must complete each "scene", which usually plays some audio and animation. When the scene is complete, the Forward button appears; it changes to Continue if the mouse is placed over it.

Note:  If the Learner uses the fast forward button to skip to the next scene before finishing a scene, however, the Learner must eventually return to any uncompleted scene to complete them before earning completion for the tutorial.

WorldView Social Studies: 

Learners are given completion after working in any part of the tutorial, since there is no single criterion for completion. It is up to an educator to determine which activities Learners are required to complete within the tutorial.


If tutorials are not completed the first time they are launched, the next time time it's launched the status of the tutorial will remain 'In Progress' instead of 'Completed'. In order to get completion status, you can start over, but in this particular courseware you have to select "Start Over" from the tools menu if you want to be able to complete it again.


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