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What does a Learner have to do to Unlock a Mastery Test in Courseware?


If a Learner enters too many incorrect answers when taking a Mastery Test, or if he or she is disconnected from the internet while taking a test, the test will be locked out. This signifies that the student has not mastered the material and needs to complete the tutorial associated with the test again.

Posttests and End of Semester Tests, also referred to as Course Level Assessments (CLA) will lock after being finished and graded.


To unlock a Mastery Test previously accessed the learner can complete the tutorial associated with the test again. Once the tutorial has been completed, the Mastery Test will unlock and can be taken again. If the Learner has already completed the tutorial, he or she can reopen it and click Exit. The Mastery Test will then unlock and can be taken again. Please note that Instructors and Administrators have the ability to limit the number of times a student can unlock a Mastery Test by going back through the tutorial.  If a Learner reaches that limit, only the Instructor or Administrator can unlock the Mastery Test.

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Other Considerations

Sometimes, a mastery test does not unlock even when the learner has retaken the tutorial. This can be the result of one of two things:

  • The primary reason is that the learner has met the maximum number of tries a tutorial will unlock a Mastery Test without Instructor  intervention. If this occurs, please contact your Instructor for further assistance.
  • This may also occur as the result of having pop-up blockers enabled within the Learner's browser. In order for a Mastery Test to unlock by retaking the associated tutorial, pop-up blockers must be disabled. For directions to disable pop-up blockers please refer to How to turn off pop-up blockers.

To unlock a CLA in order to take it for the first time, or to have one reset so you can retake it, please contact your Instructor. 


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