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Creating Flex Assignments for Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessments


Flex Assignments allow instructors to assign additional content directly from the student card, but also gives educators the ability to create classes, modify and deactivate assignments, run reports, and monitor progress within the Flex Assignments application. Flex Assignments is only available on the Plato Courseware & Edmentum Assessments (v3.5) platforms. This is an evolution of Supplemental Assignments that allows both Administrators and Instructors to quickly and flexibly assign targeted instruction to a population, as well as monitor progress and report on the assigned content. 


Unlike semester-long courses, Flex Assignments are modular, empowering Educators to quickly respond to learner needs the moment a gap is identified. Flex Assignments can support blended learning, first-time instruction, individualized learning or various intervention models. Classes keep assignments organized for each student population, and creating Flex assignments allows the introduction of  a new topic or response to student needs with targeted assignments. 


How to Create a Flex Class:

1. Select Flex Assignments from the black app-switcher bar and click on the gray card 'Add New Flex Class'. 

Add New Flex Class.png
2. Type the class name in the Class Name field. You can search for individual Learners to add in the Search All Learners box.
      To add a whole class previously created in Plato Courseware select that class from the drop down box under Class and        select the blue Add All Students link. 

3. Once you have selected the students you want in this Flex Class grouping, click on the blue Create Flex Class button. 

Create Flex Class.png

4. You can now move on to creating additional Flex Class groupings, or assign a new Flex Assignment to the group you made. 

Flex Class.png


How to Create a Flex Assignment:

1. Click New Assignment on your Flex Class card. 
2. Enter the assignment name in the Assignment Name Field. Select a Start Date (entering a Due Date is optional). 

3. When creating a flex assignment, there is an option where you can select the tutorial attempts to unlock mastery test.

    NOTE: A Due Date doesn't turn off or lock an assignment for the Learner. Once the Due Date has passed an overdue "flag" 

                appears on the assignment card in the Learner interface. 


4. Select the students from your Flex Class grouping you want to give this assignment to, or select Add All Students. 


5. Select the Content you want in the Flex Assignment. You can search by Subject and Grade, or by Standard. 

6. Once you've found the content you want to add click and drag it into the folder (matches your assignment title) on the                workspace on the right. 


7. After you've finished adding all the content you want in the assignment, select the blue Create Assignment button.  

8. For quick access to monitor progress on the assignment select the Flex Class Card; this will show you any assignments                    given to this group, and then click on the name of the assignment to see specific student progress.  


How to Create a Flex Assignment on-the-fly in Edmentum Sensei™:

1. Click anywhere on a student card to expand it.
2. Select View All Assignments at the bottom of the card.
3. Click the Create Flex Assignment button in the top right corner of the page.
4. Select the Flex Class from the drop down menu and click Continue.

5. Follow instructions above for creating a Flex Assignment. 



Other Considerations

Flex Assignment QRC

For more information on managing reporting and grading for Flex Assignments refer to: Managing Flex Assignments. 




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