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2.0 to 3.5 Feature Guide


This is an internal reference on feature differences between PLE and Plato Courseware. It will be updated as more information is available and more features are released.

Functional Area PLE 2.0 Courseware/Assessments 3.5
Account Setup Not setup needed  for an account other than having license and content Programs need to be created against Courseware/Assessments in Admin Center before users can be assigned content
Programs with Locations Not applicable A program can be associated to a location(s) which will limit views of the data to those Educators and Learners who are associated to that program and its locations. The Locations must be set up as part of the provisioning process in the Back Office. Locations can be associated to multiple programs. (A full set of rules around who can do and see what with programs that are associated to locations is available.)
Program Sensei Not applicable Account and Program Admins get progress/usage/enrollment overview for programs in the account
License Management Exists as a separate application in app switcher bar Available in Admin Center
User Management
User Roles Admins administers location(s) Program Admins administer programs
User Creation Option to define whether or not an Instructor/ Admin can assign content No such option.
Program Access PLE is based on the concept of locations under which classes are created. It isn't a program based product Instructors/Program admins need access to a program in order to work with content and students. The capacity in which they work with the program is based on the type of access
Create/Update User via Batch upload Creation and updation of users via batch upload are separate workflows. Also there are separate workflows for different roles Both these activities have been merged into one workflow where one .csv file can be used to update and/or create users of any role.
Enroll learners/instructors in classes via batch enroll Available Not available
Export users in .csv format Only learners that do not have SISID can be exported Users  can be filtered and exported from User Management regardless of role/status
Account Management
Plan Academic Year Available Not available
Grade Promotion Available Although not available as a scheduled task, one can perform the same action via export and subsequent  batch upload
Create Multiple Classes Available Not available
Class Closeout Scheduled activity in 2.0.
There is no way to report on closed out classes

On demand functionality- Either one or multiple classes can be closed at a time.
There is also the ability to run Quick Reports -LPR, GLPR and Detailed Score Report (if a Courses class)

Inactive classes are still available for reporting.

Access Control A complex heirarchical location based model where learners can't login beyond access hours Access control hours are configurable by Program.
Beyond access control hours, learners can login to access messages, notes, but cannot launch any content.
Header/Page Image Available Not available
Instructor Permissions Available Not available
Annoucements Exists as part of Account settings.
Only Account Admins can send annoucements.
Has been merged into Communications along with Messaging.
Any educator role (Instructor, Program Admin, Account admin)can send annoucements.
Also, Annoucements can be sent to user population based on role and program
Email Available (internal to PLE) as part of Communication mini-app to users who are configured with an email address.. Not available
Assignment Reports Learner Progress, Learner Daily Usage, Assignment Module Mastery - Although in context of an assignment, these reports are not as accessible Course Module Mastery, Graphic Learner Progress, Detailed Score Report available as Quick Reports.
Demogrpahic Summary,
Site Traffic,
Consumable License,
Data Extract
Available Not available
 District/Account Level Batch Reporting Not available These reports are available in Admin Center and can be run across multiple programs and learners.
Reports available here are:
Detailed Score, System Usage, Learner Daily Usage, Learner Progress, Credits Earned, Resource Usage, Graphic Learner Progress, Assessments Strengths and Needs
Content Management 
Custom Course Builder Finding content to create custom course could be challenging.
Unpublishing of courses possible
Easy to find content by standard, drag and drop, ability to build course from scratch - add the modules, create the CLA's dynamically based on modules selected.
Can't unpublish custom course once published
Manage Course Catalog by Program Not Applicable Ability to remove and add Courses to the Course Catalog for a program
Share Course Customers can share courses across accounts Functionality only available to Edmetum Support, EC and IM users following Summer 2015 Release.
Manage Curriculum in Courses Hiding, locking/unlocking curriculum for a class not available Hide and lock/unlock content for a class level course so teachers can manage their own class's course delivery - ex. remove all pretests, hide all drop boxes, etc.
FlexTest Available Not available


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