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How to use the Help '?' feature in PLATO Courseware?



The Plato Courseware Help feature is the first place to go when you have questions. It includes video tutorials and materials that explain how to use the different features in PLATO Courseware.

How To

You can access the Plato Courseware Help page by clicking Clicking on the icon located on the right hand side of the screen.

Additionally,  clicking Help in the bottom right corner takes you to PLATO Courseware Help Tutorials.


You can also access 24/7 self-service support through the Edmentum Support Center. It contains general information, as well as answers to many common questions. The Support Center contains the essential materials that you’ll need to understand, troubleshoot, and use the Plato Courseware management system and Plato Courseware.

What's Next

If you continue to have issues after reviewing the Help Tutorials, the Account Administrator in your school is the next point of contact if you are experiencing problems with accessing the system, logging into the product, licensing, or managing assignments. When students encounter problem s with Plato Courseware, they should always contact their instructor to resolve the issue. If the instructor cannot help the student, the instructor should contact the Plato Courseware Account Administrator. The Plato Courseware Support Site and call center support team are also available if questions arise.

To contact PLATO Support Services, call toll free 1-800-869-2200 or visit Contact Us.


How to get more help

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