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Learner Interface


The learner interface enables a streamlined, easy-to-use and enjoyable web experience for our students. Designed with validated User Interface design principles, the user interface is streamlined making it easier for the student to manage their assignments, alerts, messages, and progress.

Benefits to Learner

  • Intuitive  Navigation
  • Mobile-Optimized Interface
  • Instant Account Updates
  • In-Lesson Student Tools
  • Visibility to progress, pacing, and grades

Additional information is available to all students in the Student Orientation provided at the beginning of all Plato Courses and includes a video to help students get oriented as well as the Help Center in the product.

Click here for recent updates to the student view. This is available to learners in the Help Center.

Other Considerations


Once the learner logs into their account they will land on the 'Home' page and see a list of their active assignments displayed by most recently assigned, and the latest activities they have worked with so they can resume their classwork with one easy click on the "Continue" button. Or the learner can choose the "All Activities" button if they would like to work in another area of their assignment.

New Learner Experience Image 1.PNG

The 'All My Work' option will allow the student to view all of their assignments and progress on one easy page.

New Learner Experience Image 2.PNG

When the "All Activities" button is clicked on the 'All My Work' page or the 'Home' page all unit folders and activities are collapsed but the last accessed unit. This gives the learner quick access to what they were working on last. Each unit and the modules within each unit then have the option of an additional click to show the specific contents of each module, including items such as Tutorials and Mastery Tests. This new design will give the learners a quick view of their courses with a few easy clicks.

New Learner Experience Image 3.PNG

When the learner clicks on the tile for their module the tiles will rearrange to display the contents of the module.

New Learner Experience Image 4.PNG

Progress Indicators

Progress can be determined by circle progress indicators and by color. For the circle progress indicators, the top of the box will indicate by color, and also allow students to filter by the top buttons. Blue is in progress (also shown with the half circle) and green is complete (also indicated by the full circle).

Notes and Messages

Learners also have the options for 'Notes' and 'Messages' at the top navigation bar of their account. The 'Notes' features allows the learner to record any thoughts or reminders for their courses. The 'Messages' feature is used to send messages to educators. Another area to make a note of is the 'Alerts' area of the 'Home' page, these alerts will notify learners of any messages or announcements.

Course Tools

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Virtual Workshops

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