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New Courseware Home Page

This summer brings a new user interface to the Instructor home page along with data visualization inside the Courseware application. The redesigned Home Page provides multiple entry points for the Instructor, allowing a custom experience for implementations relevant to a program design. Each page provides actionable steps for educators: running reports, accessing the Gradebook, sending a quick message, and grading. 

There are four new entry points:

  • My Course Sections
  • My Classrooms
  • My Students
  • My Active Tasks

My Course Sections

View student progress through a single course section. Sections have formerly been referred to as a class. This is the primary view for Educators when they log in. Data is visualized for pacing and progress. You can see this page offers two different types of data visualization. The top shows results when an end date is added, the bottom shows what the view will look like if there is no end date added. For additional information on pacing click here.

This view is recommended for virtual programs, higher education, single subject instructors.


Actions from this page: access quick reports; open Gradebook; view curriculum; filter directly to a pacing status or alert; open a section; hover over current or course grade, and individual student activities completed for more information; edit student status; and send a quick message. 


My Classrooms 

From the My Classrooms view, educators can build classrooms to view student progress across multiple courses. This view is recommended for brick and mortar programs with multi-subject class periods, like a credit recovery lab. Unlike Sections, Classrooms are created within the New Homepage, via the Create Classroom button labeled in green.

Actions from this page: create a classroom; filter directly to pacing status or alert; open classroom; hover over current or course grade and individual student activities completed for more information; edit student status; and send a quick message; An example of the Create Classroom Page is given below:


My Students

From the My Students view, Educators can see each student with detail on activities and progress, as well as the ability to view and print student progress on multiple courses. This view is recommended for quick access to instructor’s learners for report monitoring.

Actions from this page: expand to see courses; edit student status; send a quick message; print individual and multiple student Course Progress Reports (new); print Learner Daily Usage and Learner Progress Report


My Active Tasks

In the My Active Tasks view, Educators can immediately respond to student alerts in a simplified to-do list. Toggle mastery test locks, review assignments, and score when appropriate. This view is recommended for instructors who are task oriented. 


Courseware Home Page Exploration

With these new views, Educators can manage most of their day to day operations according to their individual classroom design, however the classic Courseware views are still available. The navigation between “classic” and “new” views can be accessed using the Menu button. 


This produces the Menu View and shows the “new” environments on the top, and the “classic” on the bottom. Select the area you want to navigate to within Courseware and you will be taken right there. When you are in the “classic” view, you will need to select the Menu button again to get back to the new homepage view.

These steps will continue until all of the “classic” views are updated through future releases.  


For additional information regarding these and other changes, we recommend checking out our What's New Page on, or consulting our Help Center resources within Plato Courseware itself. 

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