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Self-Enrollment for educators for Plato Courseware


Educators can setup classes where Learners can self-enroll into them. Account Administrators, and Program Administrators can create self-enroll classes.

How To

1. From the Courses, click on Course Catalog.

2. Find the Course you would like to create a class for and select the class creation quick action button: classcreationbutton.PNG

3. Once selected you should see the screen below. 

Self Enroll Instructor.PNG

4. Put a check mark in the box for Self Enroll Enabled.

5. A Class ID will be generated for the class. Enter and confirm a password for the class. The Class ID and password will be used by Learners to self-enroll into the class. The Class ID can be accessed via the class summary page or by editing the class in Course Catalog.

6. Educators can manually add users to the class if necessary, either by adding existing Learners, Instructors or creating new Learners, or both. See the articles below for more information on adding users to classes:

Add Instructor
Add Student

Click Done to create the class. You will receive a confirmation if the class was created successfully. If, instead, you receive a message saying the class already exists, change the Class Name and click Done again.

What's Next

See the article below for more information on how Learners can self-enroll into a class:

Self-Enrollment for Learners

Where to find the Class ID and password for Self-Enroll classes

A Class ID is automatically generated and the educator supplies a password for self-enroll classes. This information is given to Learners to they can self-enroll into the class.

  1. Select the Course Catalog or My Classes.
  2. Select the arrow next to the course to show the class, and select the Edit Class quick action button Editclassbutton.PNG or select the Class Summary quick action button Classsummarybutton.PNG

Other Considerations


There is no notification to an Administrator or Instructor when a new Learner self-enrolls into a class. However, instructors or administrators can quickly view all Learners in the class by reviewing the Enrolled Learners in their Class Summary Page. See the article below for more information on viewing Learners in a class:

Managing Classes in Plato Courseware

Keep in mind that the instructor or administrator must provide learners with the Class ID and Class Password in order to self-enroll into a class that is set up for self-enrollment.

Resetting Self-Enroll

Removing the self-enroll option from a class is reversable. If the option is removed (by unhecking the self-enroll checkbox), the option can be readded with no change to the student enrollment process. A new Class ID will initially be generated, but the previously generated code will still work. Saving the changes and returning to Manage Class will reveal that the old Class ID has replaced the new one.


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