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What are the new features in the PLATO Courseware Spring 2013 Release?


Edmentum® is excited to announce several new features now available with the Spring 2013 Release to the PLATO Learning Environment® (PLE). 


Platform Enhancements

PLATO Courseware will continue to provide educators with an easy to use interface and useful functionality to enhance user experience. When you login to Plato Courseware on Monday, April 8 we will have deployed some new and exciting changes to the product.   This email is being sent to you to make sure you are aware of these changes and how they impact your use of the product.  These enhancements should be quite logical to you and will not interrupt your regular use of the product.  To make sure you’re ready for the release a list of the new features and functions is provided below:

Context Sensitive Help

We’ve started adding Context Sensitive Help to various locations of Courseware.  These are available wherever you see the question mark in a blue circle as indicated below.  These videos are intended to provide valuable information regarding important topics and functionality within Courseware.  Topics include: Course Catalog, My Classes, Browse Curriculum, Custom Course Builder, Curriculum Reports, Message Center, Announcements, and License Manager.  We will be adding more of these in future releases.

Administration Center

Administration functionality, which is currently located in the Administration Tab will be moving to the top of the screen immediately adjacent to “License Manager” and will be called “Administration Center” as shown below.  Create a User, Manage Educators, and Batch Upload are now located with the Administration Tab link.  Click through and have a look around!



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