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Can you shorten or lengthen the time frame for a Global Language course?


One semester long Global Language course is designed around a 120-day (4-5 months) calendar, which consists of multiple assignments per lesson assigned each day totaling 90 lessons for the course. The calendar can be condensed or expanded to align with your school calendar which means lessons will not be assigned when Learners are not in class. As a result, lessons will include more or less assignments each day to mirror the specified time frame for Learners to complete the course.   

Recommended Best Practice: Condense or Expand the calendar before Learners start working in the course. If Learners start working in the course before the calendar is condensed or expanded, they may have to complete assignments that may have been moved to a previous lesson. Also, grades may be reflected higher or lower due to past due or ungraded assignments due to a condensed calendar.


  • You may want to add holidays, school breaks, or when Learners will not be working in the course to the calendar as well. This should be done before condensing or expanding the calendar. Gradable assignments not completed on the day assigned are marked past due. See the link below for more information on adding holidays and school events to the calendar:

How to edit the calendar in a Global Language course to align with school calendar

  • Make changes to assignment availablity after condensing or expanding the calendar. If changes are made beforehand, they will need to be redone. See the link below for more information on assignment availablity:

Modify Availability and Locking of assignments in a Global Language course

How To

Condense or Expand a course calendar

  1. Click the Home icon.
  2. A list of your classrooms will display. Make note of the current end date of the course in the Dates column. This date will change after the calendar is condensed or expanded. 
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the classroom. 
  4. The classroom properties page will display. Click the lessons field and enter the number to condense or expand the calendar by. It will ask you what lessons you wish to condense. It is recommended you leave the defaults (condense lessons 1 through 90) to condense or expand the entire course equally. 
  5. Click Save.
  6. The new end date will be reflected on the classroom page in the Dates column. Click the calendar icon next to the classroom you condensed or expanded to review the changes to the calendar and you also may notice more or fewer assignments per lesson.


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