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ERROR: "There was an error processing the request" when Learners try to access the Middlebury Interface


Learner(s) logs into PLATO Learning Environment® (PLE) and clicks on their Global Language assignment. It starts to log them into the Middlebury Interactive Languages® (MIL) Interface, but they receive an error message instead, "There was an error processing the request."

Account Administrator:  The message indicates that either there are no concurrent licenses available for a student to run a lesson in a particular license bundle or the enrollment date has expired. 


Below are some options to resolve the error message when accessing Global Languages content.

Troubleshoot license issues

The error message is related to concurrent licenses in PLE. PLATO courses Spanish 1 A/B and Spanish 2 A/B are included in the Secondary Academic Library (SAL). Additional courses are included in the Global Languages library. Learners will receive this error message if no licenses are available in either of these libraries. 

Account Administrators can use system reports such as the License Usage and Resource Usage in PLE to help troubleshoot what content is being used in libraries. See the links below for more information on these reports:

License Usage Report

Resource Usage Report

Distribute licenses

Licenses are distributed to the account level by default. Some or all licenses from a library can be distributed to a specific location ensuring they receive the licenses before other locations or users in the account. See the link below for more information on distributing licenses in PLE:

Understanding and managing concurrent licenses for PLATO content

Force logout Learners

Licenses are released when Learners log out of content and the system properly. There may be some licenses in use by Learners who did not log out of the system properly and they have not yet been logged out automatically by the system due to inactivity. Educators can force logout a Learner to release the license if necessary. See the links below for more information on system inactivity time outs and how to force logout a Learner:

What are the session and activity time outs for PLE?

How to force logout a Learner

Purchase additional licenses

Additional licenses may need to be purchased to ensure Learners can work in content without interruptions. Please contact PLATO Sales for further assistance.

To contact Edmentum Sales, visit


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