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How to edit a grade or exempt an assignment in a Global Language course


Grades can be edited for individual assignments in the Gradebook. Once a grade is added or edited and then saved, the assignment will lock and the Learner will be unable to access it. The assignment can be unlocked if the Learner needs to access it at a later time. See the link below for more information on unlocking assignments:

How to unlock/reset gradable assignments in a Global Language course

Educators can also exempt a Learner from assignment(s). If an assignment is set to Exempt, it will not count towards the total points of a Learner's grade. For example, if the total points a Learner can receive on an assignment is 1407, but you set an assignment that has 2 possible points to Exempt, then the total points the Learner can received drops to 1405. The same applies to a Learner's Grade to Date.

If you mark an assignment that a Learner has already taken as Exempt, it will not deduct from the total points for the Learner's grade because the grade has already been calculated. If you would rather mark the assignment as Exempt, delete the grade and then mark it Exempt which then deduct from the total points. See the link above for more information on how to delete a grade for an assignment.

How To

Edit a grade or exempt an assignment

  1. Click the Home icon. 
  2. Click the Gradebook icon next to the classroom.
  3. Click on the Learner's Current Grade.
  4. Click on the assignment name you want to edit.
  5. Click the drop down menu next to Grade and select a score or Exempt.
  6. Click Save

When viewing the Gradebook, the extra credit assignments will be identified in parentheses. When you hover over the number, you will see the name and type of assignment.


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