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How to grade speaking and writing assignments in Global Language courses


Learners complete speaking and writing assignments as part of a Global Language course that need to be graded by an educator who is proficient in the language. Grading rubics are available for speaking and writing assignments. See the link below for more information on educator involvement with Global Language courses:

Does an educator have to be proficient in the language to manage and grade Global Language courses?

New assignments created by educators in the course need to be graded manually as well, although rubrics are not available for these assignments. See the link below for more information on grading rubrics for Global Language content:

Global Language Instructor Materials

A red apple icon indicates speaking and/or writing assignment are completed by Learners and they are ready to be graded by an educator. Ungraded assignments are averaged as a zero in the Learner's Gradebook until an educator grades them. For educators, the red apple icon displays in a couple of locations in the Middlebury Interactive Languages® (MIL) Interface.

The Gradebook via the Grades icon. For optimum performance in MIL, do not grade assignments from this location.

- or -

Your Classrooms page via the Home icon. This is the recommended location to grade assignments for optimum performance. The number indicates how many ungraded assignments in the class are ready for grading.

How To

  1. From Your Classrooms page via the Home icon, click the number to see Ungraded Assignments.
  2. A list of ungraded assignments will display. Click on an assignment to begin grading. Once you open the ungraded assignment, scroll to the bottom to review the answers submitted by the Learner.
  3. Type or record audio feedback to the Learner if necessary. You can check Retake next to individual questions in the assignment if you want the Learner to redo them. See the link below for more information on resetting questions, quizzes, or other gradable assignments:

How to unlock/reset gradable assignments in a Global Language course

  1. Enter a score, mark questions to be retaken, and provide feedback if necessary for each individual question. When you've finished, add the total score of all of the questions together and go to the top of the assignment. Click the drop down menu for Grade and select the total score for the assignment.
  2. Click Save to save your changes and the grade. The assignment will disappear from the Ungraded Assignment list. The Learner will be able to see the grade they received for the assignment in their Gradebook.

What's Next

If you set questions or quizzes to be retaken, communicate this information to the Learner(s). They will be unable to complete any other lessons until they retake these if you have set the course for Learners to complete entire lesson before moving forward. See the link below for more information:

Assignment links are grayed out for Learner in Global Language assignment

Other Considerations

See the link below for more information on reporting in Global Language courses:

What reports are available for Global Language courses?


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