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How to retake questions or an assignment in a Global Language course


All quizzes and other gradable activities lock after completion. Your Instructor can reset an entire quiz or other gradable assignments for you to retake. They can also allow you to retake one or multiple questions without resetting the entire assignment. If you retake an entire assignment or just one or multiple questions, the system saves the most recent score, not the highest score. Assignments cannot be retaken or unlocked without instructor intervention.

Learners can see the lock on activities by clicking on Grades.


Please contact your Instructor to request an assignment be reset.

What's Next

Retake an Assignment after reset

After your Instructor resets an entire assignment, the green completion check mark will disappear and it will be unlocked and accessible on the day it was originally assigned. A feedback icon will display if the Instructor has attached written or audio feedback. Click the assignment name on the calendar to launch and retake it.

Retake question(s) marked for redo by an Instructor

If your Instructor resets one or multiple questions in an assignment for you to retake, a red check mark will display next to the assignment. The assignment will be unlocked and accessible. Click the red check mark or assignment name. Feedback from your Instructor will be noted along with your previous answers and score. Clicking Next will take you to the next assignment. Click the lock in the upper right corner to continue retaking the assignment. A pencil icon will display next to the question(s) marked to retake. Click the pencil icon, read the question and select the answer. Click Next until you've answered all questions. Click Submit when finished. Your answers will be resubmitted to your Instructor for grading.


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