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How to use and troubleshoot the audio recording feature in Middlebury Interface


This article provides information on how to use and troubleshoot the audio recording feature for use with Global Language content in Middlebury Interactive Languages® (MIL).

How To

Using the audio recording feature

  1. When using the audio recording feature, the Adobe Flash Player will prompt for permission to access the microphone on your computer; click Allow to continue.
  2. The record icon needs to be held down the entire time Learners are recording. After pressing and holding down the record   icon, wait for it to say Speak! before starting to speak. Release the record icon when finished recording.
  3. A green check mark will appear next to Response Recorded if the recording was successful.
  4. Press the play icon to listen to the recording.
  5. Repeat step 2 to override the previous recording and to record again.

What's Next

Troubleshooting recording problems

Refer to the link below and review the video tutorial titled Recording Features for more information on troubleshooting recording problems:

Global Language Instructor Materials


How to get more help

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