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What reports are available for Global Language courses?


Global Language courses are accessed and launched in PLATO Learning Environment® (PLE), but completion, scores and grades are recorded in Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL). PLE records assignment level data only. Global Language content does not report mastery or exemption for assignments so this is not recorded in either interface. There are a number of PLE reports available for Global Language courses.



Progress data recorded in PLE:

  • Number of Tries
  • First Date Use
  • Last Date Use
  • Time on Task


  • Assessment Reports: these reports are not available. Data for assessments taken in Global Language courses can be reported on in MIL.
  • Class Usage Summary: all data fields report data for Global Language courses.
  • Data Extract: data is report for all fields with the exception of Completion, Mastery, Completion Date, Modules Mastered, Total Modules, and Percent Mastered.
  • Learner Daily Usage Reports: data is reported for all fields with the exception of Score. Some fields will only report assignment level data.
    • Activity: displays Global Language course
    • Assignment: display the name of the Global Language assignment in PLE.
    • Progress: always displays Not Started (reported in MIL).
    • Score: always displays -- (reported in MIL).
  • Learner Progress Reports: data is reported at the assignment level only for all fields with the excemption of Completion, Exemption, Mastery, Completion Status, Modules Mastered, and Score.
    • Completion and Mastery: always displays NA (completion recorded in MIL).
    • Exemption and Completion Date: always displays blank (completion date recorded in MIL).
    • Score: always displays -- (reported in MIL).
    • Modules Mastered: always displays 0.
  • License Usage: all data fields report for Global Language courses.
  • Resource Usage: all data fields report for Global Language courses.
  • Site Traffic: all data fields report for Global Language courses.


Progress data recorded in MIL:

  • Last Login
  • Completion
  • Total Points
  • Grade to Date
  • Scores
  • Total Grade

See the link below for more information on reporting in MIL:

Viewing progress, scores, and grades for Global Language courses using the Gradebook


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