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Admin Gradebook in Courseware


Account Administrators have the ability to set instructor permissions for editing Gradebook weights and scales. Let's look closely at the two options:

  • DISABLED: when an account administrators disables instructor access to edit grading settings, courses will have either the default or custom grading applied. ALL sections in the account using the course will automatically have Gradebook pages created with weighting; no changes will be made on the courses. Account administrators will set course grading scales.
  • ENABLED: when an account administrator enables instructor access to edit grading settings, educators may continue editing weights and scales or may apply account custom weights and scales per local policy.


How to access Admin Gradebook:

  1. Login as an Account Administrator.
  2. Click on Courseware and navigate to your Courseware Program.
  3. On Admin Center
  4. Click Gradebook Permissions, or Categories and Weighting, Grading Scales, or Track Credits. Refer to the Admin Gradebook Guide for details.

The administrative level functionality provides the ability to set account-wide standardization of Grading processes. Account administrators may set instructor permissions to customize category weights and scales for a course, as well as exemptions score and course category weights.

Admin Gradebook Tabs.JPG

Gradebook Permissions

Gradebook permissions can be applied at the account level and at a program level. Each program can follow either the account-level permissions or can be set to custom to follow program-specific permissions.

In the account tab you can allow instructors, program administrators, and account administrators to edit Grading Scales, Categories and Weights, Credit Settings. You can edit permission for the account and by the Program level.


If a program is set to "Account," it will follow the Account Gradebook Permissions. If a program is set to "Custom," you can custom define the Gradebook Permissions.

Gradebook permissions Account.JPG Gradebook permissions Program.JPG


If a program is set to "Custom," you can custom define the Gradebook Permissions.

Gradebook permissions Program Custom.JPG

Gradebook Categories and Weights

Below are all the courses within the account. Click “View & Edit” to define the account level weighting method for a course.

Gradebook Weights Account.JPG Gradebook Edit Categories and weights.JPG


If a program is set to "Account," it will follow the Account Categories and Weights. If a program is set to "Custom," you can custom define the Categories and Weights.

Gradebook Weights Program.JPG

Grading Scales

Grading Scales allowed in the account will be available for use in each section Gradebook. New sections created in the account will use the grading scale set as default.

Account Grading Scales.JPG

Track Credits

Click "Global Credit Setting" to set all courses in the account to the same credit type and value.
You can also manage credit settings for each course by clicking "View & Edit."

Account Tracking Credit.JPG Program Tracking Credit.JPG

Refer to the Admin Gradebook Guide for details and best practices on Admin Gradebook. This guide is also available in Help Center inside the application.


What's Next

For additional information check out our Help Center resources within the product.

For more information on Gradebook, click here.


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