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Gradebook in Courseware


The Grade Tracker application will no longer be available for any courseware sections beginning on August 28, 2017. Grade Tracker pages for sections created on or before Aug. 28, 2017, will appear in the new Gradebook format and will be accessible from the Courseware application only. Access the Help Center inside the application for additional information on the new Gradebook or visit this link for common questions.

Grade Report customers will be able to opt-in to Gradebook starting December 22, 2017. For more details, click here.

How does this new Gradebook benefit me?

  • The new Gradebook provides a simplified more efficient way for educators to manage course performance.
  • The new Gradebook is located within the Courseware application and is automatically synchronized with the application to ensure transparency and consistency of student records. Whether grade changes are made through “edit student status” or the Gradebook itself, the changes will be reflected in all areas.
  •  The Gradebook drives the Current and Course grades in the new Courseware educator views.
  •  The new Gradebook saves teachers time through automatically generated Gradebook pages, contain predefined course activity categories and Edmentum recommended weighting. Grading scales and weights can be edited to meet learning needs.
  •  Gradebook reports which can be exported and printed.

Courseware Gradebook Guide for Educators

Courseware Gradebook Guide for Administrators



How To use Gradebook:

  1. Login to your Plato Courseware account. Click on Courseware and navigate to your Plato Courseware Program.
  2. You will arrive on My Course Sections
  3. Locate the course and section
  4. Click on Gradebook icon  gradebook icon.JPG


My course sections.JPG

Gradebook page.JPG

Interpreting Gradebook:

Name - The Gradebook displays only Active learners enroll in the section. When a learner is deactivated, he or she will no longer show in the Gradebook. If an inactive learner is reactivated in the account, he or she will be put back in the Gradebook with all of his or her data still in tact.

Current Grade - Defines coursework completed and scored to date.

Course Grade - Is the overall grade based on all activities within the course (complete and incomplete). This is what the student's grade in the course would be if the student did not complete any further work in the course.

Time on Task - This refers to the amount of time that a student has spent on an activity.

  • Exemptions will continue to be scored at 100
  • Gradebook Scores for exempted modules will be identified with an asterisk or some other indicator
  • If an Exempted Score is edited by an Educator, the Exempted status is removed and the new score will trigger a new roll up
  • If an Exempted Module is retaken by a student, the Exemption score will hold at 100
  • Exemption scores may not match in the Gradebook and LMS if a student has retaken the test
  • Exempted module will count toward course progress and pacing
Altered Score:
  • Any time a score is updated in the Gradebook, it is updated in the LMS
Settings menu:
Manage Categories and Weights:


  • Gradebook pages will include predefined grading categories matching course activities and Edmentum recommended weights.
  • The grade template category weights will still be editable.
  • The grade template categories will no longer be editable.
  • Up to three custom activities and score can be added to the Gradebook
  1. Click on Settings > Categories & Weights on the left side of your screen.
  2. Pick weighting method
  3. Make change to the weight
  4. Click Save Change

The Mastery Test score will be reflected as the Module score. The actual score the student earns on the Mastery Test will be recorded in the student curriculum details and will be visible in report detailing module scores.

Grading Scales:
  • This option allow you to adjust the grading scale from Basic Letter Grade, Advanced Letter Grade, and Pass/Fail.
Manage Credit:
  • The Manage Credits option allows you to assign No Credit, Original, or Recovery Credit to a course and input the number of credits that will be obtained upon course completion.
  • Export Gradebook (CSV)
  • Export Gradebook (CSV) Include withdrawn or deactivated learners
  • Category Summary (HTML)
  • Category Summary (HTML) Include withdrawn or deactivated learners
Detailed Grade Report:

This report can be generated for individual learner(s) by clicking on the three dots next to the learner name and it is available in pdf format.

  • Manually entered score in Gradebook will reflect in both the detail categories and Learning Summary.



Other Considerations

Flex Assignment Grades:

Access your Flex Assignments Grade Tracker pages from within the Flex Assignments Application. Select the assignment, and then click on the Grade Tracker button.

Gradebook No Weighting Setting:

In No Weighting, every activity that reports score is worth 100 points. The activities aren’t grouped into categories when calculating grades the way they are in Weight by Category or Equal Weighting. The only thing you can do is exclude categories entirely so they don’t contribute to grades. Since each activity is worth the same, 100 points, 'No Weighting' means that 100 on a module counts in the final the same as 100 on a Unit Activity or 100 on the End of Semester test.

For information on Admin Gradebook, refer to Admin Gradebook in Courseware.

For additional information regarding these and other changes, we recommend checking out our What's New Page on, or consulting our Help Center resources within Plato Courseware itself. 


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