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Best practices before performing a Batch Upload in Courseware/Exact Path


Account Administrators have the ability to create multiple Learners in the system at one time using Batch Upload. This is a useful alternative to creating Learners manually. By default, Instructors have the ability to create Learners manually, but do not have access to perform a Batch Upload. 

Completed with Errors Check List

When completing an upload be sure to check your file for the following fields. First Name, Last Name, Plato Name, Password, Role, Status, Grade Levels, and Location as these are common reasons for the Completed with Errors message.

Issue # 1: Invalid Status

  • Required Field: Active/Inactive
  • Resolution: Make sure to verify the file only shows the status of Active or Inactive.

Issue #2: Invalid Grade

  • Required Field: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, G*, PS*, A*

  • Resolution: Make sure to verify the above grade levels are on the file with no other letters or leading zeroes included.

Issue #3: Invalid User Role

  • Required Field: Learner, Instructor, Account Administrator, Program Administrator

  • Resolution:  Make sure to only include the above roles as listed with no abbreviations.

Issue #4: Invalid Location Name

  • Required Field: The location name should match the name under Account Structure Location.

  • Resolution: This is not a required field but highly recommended. If included on your file you will want to make sure the title matches exactly what is listed under Account Structure Location. Example: If your school has your location name as East HS the file will not be able to map to East High School.

Issue #5: Username or Password with Leading "0"

If you want to keep the leading zeros in Excel, you just need to format the cells as Text formatting before you typing the data.


  1. Select the range cells you want to type the data with leading zeros into, and right click to select Format Cells from the context menu. See screenshot:


2.In the Format Cells dialog, click Number tab, and select Text from the Category pane. Click OK to close the dialog. See screenshot:


3.Now when you type numbers with leading zeros into the range cells, the leading zeros will be retained in the cells. See screenshot:


Note: This method cannot work if you format cells as text after typing numbers.



  • A CSV sample file is available to assist with the process. This can be found in the Administration Center under the User Management option. Select import users, and then import sample tab.

  • It is helpful to identify a naming convention before creating users in the system. This helps eliminate duplicate users and makes it easier to search and manage users in the future. 

  • Classes cannot be created using Batch Upload. 

  • Learner and Instructor profiles can be updated or deactivated using Batch Upload.

  • User profiles cannot be deleted using Batch Upload.

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